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Lent is a season in the Christian calendar where people intentionally focus on prayer, sacrifice/giving, and reading from the Bible in order to deepen their relationship with and understanding of God. Lent is easily adapted for people of all faiths, no faith, or anywhere in between. Inspired by Lent, this 6-week (or roughly 40-day) commitment to spiritual practice is a chance for you to: explore your spirituality; deepen your connection to your self, to God, and to the world around you; and set intentional practices that are proven to increase overall health and wellbeing.


In this booklet, you will find a variety of spiritual practices to try and weekly trackers for four practices. You can choose the same four practices each week, or you can mix them up. (I have included an example page.)

I encourage you to try a mix of familiar and unfamiliar practices. Use the reflection pages each week to explore what you’re noticing, as well as the final reflection page at the end of the 6 weeks.

Weekly Practice Guide and Tracker for Lent 2024

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