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Hear what people are saying




"Jessica has been tremendously helpful in my spiritual growth and

overall well being.

She is a master of a very wide range of spiritual and psychological tools and strategies, and is very apt at knowing how and when to implement them.

She's an active and engaged listener, is completely non-judgemental and is able to (gently) help me see my blind spots.

I know she has my back and I have complete trust in her.

She's a wonderful person and I highly recommend her!"


"Jessica's unique skill set is an invaluable resource to church leaders who are leading communities through times of crisis.

Her approach is grounded in best practices,

both theologically and from a mental health perspective.

She is deeply compassionate and fiercely practical, able to hold space for the underlying realities of grief and anxiety while crafting an action plan that is practical and achievable. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

-Rev. Kristin Saylor, Rector of St. Lawrence Episcopal Church, Libertyville

"Jessica listened deeply and asked great questions. 

She made sure she understood the context of my ministry

before making suggestions. 

I knew that the options she was giving me to pursue were all things that had worked for her and that would be do-able for me and my volunteers. 

She was kind and supportive and helped me to appreciate more deeply the things we were doing that were already working!"


- Pastor Katy Shedlock, West Central Abbey, Spokane, consultation on family ministries

"I lost my parents and a best friend in a short time. This, on top of the pressures from a divorce, pandemic, and single motherhood, gave me little time to process the overwhelming amount of feelings, and I shut down. Meeting one-on-one with Jessica did wonders for my mental health. I had gone a couple of years with emotions building, and the grief seemed unmanageable. It seeped into my day-to-day existence and became a crushing weight I didn’t know how to begin to face. With Jessica’s help, I was able to separate different types of grief and address issues one by one. Helping me untangle my feelings made them more manageable, and I wasn't overwhelmed. I felt supported through the process by someone who could name my fears and help me work through the grief I had put aside for so long. Once I could parcel out which feelings belonged, I could see that what seemed overwhelming was manageable. I took a step back and could sympathize with myself for all I had gone through. It can be hard for a mom to take the time necessary for deep emotional work. Still, by prioritizing my mental health and working with Jessica to name and process the loss I experienced, I became a much better version of myself. I am still experiencing grief and will always keenly miss those who are now gone, but thanks to this work, I can move through those feelings and enjoy my day-to-day life again. I have joy and optimism in my life again, which has been positive for my whole family. "


"I enjoyed my session with Jessica.  She provided amazing feedback and really listened.  She pointed out things down to the words I was choosing to use that were negative, and provided positive words to put in their place.  It was very eye opening.  She has made a positive impact in my everyday life.  She gave me an assignment to focus on one area of my life as opposed to multiple assignments or multiple areas and trying to tackle everything all at once.  She is kind, listens well, empathetic, and honest.  I appreciate her and the impact she has had on me."


"I am so thankful that we invited Jessica into our faith community.  So many go through life with heavy hearts and very little vocabulary to explain and talk about how they are feeling.  Jessica equipped our congregation to be able to express themselves more deeply and to listen with more compassion to  their neighbors who are hurting.  Prior to her arrival, Jessica took time to listen to us and learn more about our context, then used her extensive training and deep gifts of teaching and listening to offer wonderful experiential and hands-on workshops, as well as a deeply meaningful time of worship and prayer.  All who engaged in this time together were blessed by Jessica and I hope that you too will have an opportunity to bring Jessica's healing presence into your community."

-Rev. Matthew Smith-Laubenstein, Grace Lutheran Church ELCA, Libertyville, IL

"Jessica recently led three separate workshops for our parish, school, and wider community: one on nurturing resilience in children; one on the sacred role of teachers; and one exploring the wilderness of grief. Jessica has a unique ability to meet people exactly where they are with compassion, wisdom, and insight. Her unique set of skills, and her ability to work at the intersection of mental and spiritual health, make her a truly invaluable resource for individuals and communities facing adversity, transition, or loss. I was also amazed by her ability to meet very different populations - religious, secular, and everyone in between - with grace and good humor. Whatever your needs for mental, emotional and spiritual care, whether individual or communal, I cannot recommend Jessica more highly." 

- The Rev. Claire Dietrich Ranna, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church and Chaplain to Ventana School, Los Altos, CA

"Speaking with Jessica feels like having a friend/pastor/mentor all rolled into one. She not only hears what you have to say, but she listens and that is a gift."


- Edwin, Youth Minister

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