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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Workshops are designed for small groups or large conferences.

Workshops provide education, personalized discussion, and engaging activities in order for everyone to explore the subject matter in a way that is meaningful.

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Workshops can be customized to meet your needs.

Multiple Workshops can be put together to create a retreat.

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Spiritual Self Care for front-line workers

Cultivate the principles of spiritual care for your staff in an interactive workshop.  Participants will learn tools to reflect & heal, as well as strengthen their capacity for overall wellness.  Providing space for staff to tend to their wellbeing benefits all.

Spiritually Resilient

Learn how nourishing your spiritual needs can help you through difficult times and make meaning. 

If resiliency is "bouncing back", spiritual resilience is "bouncing forward", using past challenges to build your capacity to move through future challenges.

Grief & Loss

Grief is our natural response to loss.  We will explore the many types of varied losses we experience and the four types of grief we may go through in response to our losses. Learn Jessica's three "R"s of grieving.

Resilient Kids

Kids are experiencing more anxiety than ever before and they are being faced with an ever-changing world.

Come learn ways that you can nurture resilience in your children.  

Trauma-Informed Care

By the end of their lives, about 50% of all U.S. adults will have experienced trauma. Trauma-informed care is the practice of recognizing and understanding the impacts of trauma on an individual, and working with them in a collaborative way so that their dignity remains intact.  

The Path of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a process of the heart that unburdens oneself from hurt and anger.  Come experience the steps on the path through storytelling, meditation, and writing, as we explore this evidence-based practice.  

Living Purposefully

Many times we think we need to find ONE BIG PURPOSE, but that can leave us feeling like we are always searching.  Instead, learn to live purposefully every day.  Explore your values, gifts, and time in this interactive workshop.

Cultivating Joy

Happiness is surface level.  Joy is soul level.

We will look at the ways we keep ourselves from joy, consciously and unconsciously, and we will explore the practices and actions that lead us to deep joy.

Spiritual Parenting

Come learn how to be a spiritual parent.  Nourish your soul through spiritual practices so that you can be present for your family.  Learn resources that you can use daily with your kids to foster a spiritually inquisitive and engaged home.

Pastoral Management 

Learn a new way to function as a manager in your place of work.  Find balance between boundaries and shared humanity; accountability and compassion.  Bring your own humanity and spirit into your style of management.

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