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Jessica Field, MPS

Spiritual Wellness Coach

I am a spiritually-focused wellness coach for individuals, and I lead professional workshops and trainings for spiritual communities and other groups.  Spiritual leaders, head over here.

What is spiritual wellness?

In short, the wellbeing of your truest self.  No matter where you fall on the religious to non-religious spectrum, every person's most authentic self cares greatly about connection, belonging, identity, beliefs, values, purpose and meaning.  We are all impacted by loss and grief, joy and hurt, brokenness and forgiveness.  We all have experiences and moments that are sacred. 


When you are spiritually healthy, you can comfortably access gratitude, compassion, and resilience, leading to greater joy in your life.  Nurturing your spiritual self creates a ripple effect that benefits your family and community, and ultimately, the world.​  

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To educate, inspire, and guide others toward igniting their souls, healing their wounds, and living into their full lives.


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