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On the Threshold

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I love experiencing moments when I am hiking where I catch the sun and the moon out at the same time. I feel like I am in the in-between--the sun setting in the West, and the moon rising in the East, between day and night, action and rest.

This is threshold space. The in-between. We are leaving one season behind, or perhaps it is leaving us behind, and we can see that there is something in front of us, but we have yet to step into it. It's sort of like standing on a doorway.

Times of transition are threshold spaces. Divorce is a threshold space. There is grief, anger, sadness, and joy, excitement, nervousness, resentment. We know where we have been and we know we can't stay there, but we may not fully see what is next.

Changing grades or school or towns is threshold space. Being promoted or fired is threshold space. Pregnancy can be threshold space.

We find ourselves in the "in-between" in small ways and big ones.

It matters how we nourish ourselves in the space.

Pause and be grateful.

Remember the photo above--there is magic and power in it. Whenever something changes or goes away, we have a chance for growth and transformation. We can give thanks for threshold spaces even when they are uncomfortable, because we know that we can evolve through them.

Assess needs and honor grief.

What it is that you need in this space? Notice what it is you feel you are losing or have lost. Create space to feel your grief. Remember that because of grief, we have joy.

Be patient.

Just like a seed germinating in the darkness, or a caterpillar dissolving in a chrysalis, the process cannot be forced. Breathe through it. Practice self care. Hope for the possibilities. Feel the magic of the threshold.

What threshold space are you in?

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