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Meaningful Connections

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I am struck, this morning, as I sip my decaf coffee, how incredibly blessed we are for the meaningful connections in our lives.

We are blessed for the moments of serendipity when we call someone and they say, "I was just dialing your number!"

We are blessed for the moments when we are in the check-out line at the grocery store and the baby in front of us makes eye contact with us and smiles.

We are blessed for old friends visiting--for the opportunity to learn who they are now and reminisce about the past.

We are blessed by the love of pets and the unexpected sight of wild animals crossing our path.

We are blessed by people hearing about our new idea and jumping into supportive action.

We are blessed by family (blood or chosen) who always stand by our side.

We are blessed by friends that live thousands of miles away but who seem like they're sitting on the couch with us when we talk to them on the phone, once in a blue moon.

May you be blessed by meaningful connections.

May you notice them.

May you breathe a breath of gratitude for them.

May you have peace in your heart, knowing you are intimately connected and you are not alone.

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