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Choices and the Power to Act

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Life is made up of a series of things that are out of our control, and choices (or things that are within our control).

Being genetically prone to addiction is out of our control; choosing to take drugs is a choice. Being raised in a family where violence is the status quo is out of our control; choosing to learn how to live another way is a choice. Perhaps you realize you are in a job that gives you everything you thought you wanted--status, money, prestige, but you are miserable and your health is failing. You have a choice to stay or to go.

Choices are actions.

Addiction is a disease; however, the biggest part of the treatment plan for someone in recovery is choice. Depression is another example of a disease where the person can get better with choices--choosing to seek therapy, take medication (if needed), and most importantly, practice the self care that we all know has a powerful impact on our wellness.

When you look at life as a series of choices, it can seem less overwhelming, and it can take you out of the perspective where everything is always happening to you. We are not passive beings--we are active.

If you have a goal (sobriety, healing, getting fit, a big life change) and it feels too big to tackle--break it down into choices and start with the first one. Perhaps your first choice is picking a healthy breakfast, or to go to an AA meeting today, or to get out of bed and take a shower. The more positive choices that we make for ourselves, the easier they become to make.

What I really hope you know is that you are in control of your life--it's time to start living like you are.

How do you make choices?

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